Peter Willington buys a hotel property in Western Bohemia, Czech Republic after being retired and having the funds from his role as GM at the Royal Hotel in New Orleans. He and his son James restart the old hotel Egeria in Karlovy Vary with new employees from around the world. The story of Egeria is based on these charismatic people as well as international guests, as in all hotels many stories happen, from romance to murder there is a bit of everything.

Insiders know, that Karlovy Vary’s well-being is related to Russian investors and Asian influences. The mix of cultures does not always happen to be smooth.

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The Authors

RVK / Rainer von Kürten, born 1966 in Düsseldorf, Germany has been working in the hospitality industry for more than 30 years until he changed his career goals, from top hotel manager to bestseller author. At his last GM position, he had the idea to have a TV series to be filmed in his hotel, which would have been supporting his marketing strategy. For this he searched for someone who could assist him with the script. He found Maxmilian Nemec, alias Omar Zahid, see below, and they wrote 7 episodes of Egeria together, though online, as one worked in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic and the other in Barcelona, Spain.

Unfortunately no producer was ready to step into this endeavour and the script went into the book shelves. Thinking about the time and money spent, it was obvious, that there should be another strategy to get things done successfully. So the author decided to take the script and transform it to a novel, which is a bit trickier, as usually a novel is transformed into a script.

The COVID-19 crisis supported his decision, as hotel businesses were closed for months and time for writing available.

Just to make it clear, the authors do not want to win the noble price in literature, they want the readers to enjoy the stories. Should the book be accepted and positively rated by a lot of people, the second book and the TV serial will be the next step.


OMAR ZAHID / Maxmilian Nemec, born 1973 in Havířov, Czech Republic is our Earth global citizen who travels from place to place. He has a searching personality, looking for answers and discovering, how he relates to different parts of the world. Above all, moving around keeps him young. Max studied film and scriptwriting in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

He assisted Rainer von Kürten in writing 7 episodes for the TV series Egeria.

Under his pseudonym Omar Zahid he works on film screenplays, music and commercial videos.

Zero Justice is his first novel.

Besides writing stories for newspapers, he also directs and produces audiovisual projects. His short films The Man From Hankow Road and The Territory of Dust were screened at the festivals. His feature debut was a guerrilla made espionage thriller.